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15.5 miles today!

15.5 miles this morning. Longest run of my life so far..although I think I’ll be saying that pretty often over the coming weeks. This run was a whole lot tougher than last week’s 13.5 miles. And it got tougher right around the 14 mile mark—so looks like I have a bit of a way to go until I get comfortable running 15+ miles, but since last week felt so great, I am sure today’s run will eventually be easier. I must also add that yesterday I spent 8 straight hours helping a friend move, so my muscles were already a little achey even before I started this morning. 

I haven’t been taking ibuprofen either, ever since I saw it recommended to cut back on the pain relievers as part of the training. That way you get more used to sore muscles, etc. No pain, no gain I guess. So I am doing what I can to avoid taking anything today. Ice, rest and elevation should help—and my compression socks feel great!

I am sore and tired at this moment. I don’t feel like moving a single muscle in my body. My eyelids even feel a bit heavy! Hah! Been getting hydrated and have had a protein bar and some chocolate soy milk—but I must admit, I am so tired that the last thing I feel like doing is eating (and cooking). But, alas, muscles that are starved don’t recover—so I am drinking a cup of coffee and then getting some food ready for myself!

Total Mileage Since October 1, 2012: 335.7

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